Life is not Measured by the Breaths we take, but by the Moments that take our Breath Away……..
Celebrating all of Life’s Enchanted Moments

Petite Enchantments was born because of two breath taking moments….The arrival of my granddaughters Harper and Blake, simply said they are the absolute joys of my life. Our newly expanded family reignited the creative spirit that I have possessed since childhood and suddenly I could not resist the urge to surround myself with all things lovely and little.
I was awarded a degree in Fashion Merchandising and married shortly thereafter. I decided not to pursue a career but instead chose to be a stay at home Mom to my three wonderful children. Which means I am pretty well versed in “all things kids”, with that being said celebrations have always been a key element to our family life style. Aside from the usual holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, etc., we always find a reason to celebrate. In the early years it was passing a test, scoring the winning touchdown, getting to know you parties (after moving across country) and award ceremonies. As we have grown it has become the college acceptances, grad school acceptances, new jobs, engagements, weddings, babies and sometimes just all of us being under the same roof at the same time.
Life is a celebration and it is my desire to bring you some of the finest elements of Fashion, Event Styling, Nursery Décor and Gift Baskets available to help celebrate all your Enchanted Moments.

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